We are a limited liability company  registered in Nigeria since 1990. Our Registration Number is RC146647. Kay- Precious Nigeria Limited is the Pioneer recharge card printing training company in Nigeria which started in 2008 when we trained over 3,000 participants and engaged them in the business. Many of those we trained are still in the business till today. We stopped the training program in 2011. Here we are again 8 years later, in a reformed process, another opportunity beckons for small scale business owners, students, civil servants, salary earners, and house wives to make extra money from the comfort of their homes.

Recharge card printing and marketing business is a recession proof business and one of the smartest way to make cool money in Nigeria today. Despite any economic meltdown, thousands of phones are been sold every day and millions of people recharge their phones every day. MTN alone has declared a revenue of over 1 trillion naira in 2019. The market as today in Nigeria is still growing.

Forget about any seminar you have attended before, no need for seminars or talk shows this time. Just start immediately as what we will be showing you is the authentic way to make money in the business. This is one business that you can never lose money with our guidance even though we add that this is not a money making machine-like venture. It is a real business with considerable profit margin with our guidance.

There are different levels in the business:
The first level is the DEALERSHIP LEVEL: These are the main dealers with startup level of 15-22 million naira. Being a dealer means setting up a dealership agency agreement with the service providers.


This level startup is between 100k- 2 million Naira. Sub dealers depend on licensed dealers for the generation of their electronic pins, but they print and distribute recharge cards in higher volumes. It is relatively easy to start with the sub dealer option which we recommend to our participants.

Then we have the RETAILERS: These are the ones that can start with 10k-100k. With profit margins, they sell directly to the consumers. This we also recommend  for people to start the business on a small scale. So we will be showing you different ways you can invest in this business with little startup capital.

We suggest the sub dealership and retailers level for our participants.


1) A computer (Desktop or Laptop) with internet connection

2) A Software: This is included in the package and will be installed by us on your computer.

3) A flash drive

4) A Printer ( LaserJet or Deskjet)

5) Recharge Voucher/Card pre-printed A4 Paper.

We will show you the different ways of printing and marketing of recharge card voucher.
To get started you will need to register and make payment into the account with details and online payment method given below.

The real cost of the package is over 30,000 including the software. Software is compulsory for you to print and sell vouchers. You need the software because the dealers will send you pin numbers in encrypt form where the pins will be coded with the serial number; it is the work of the software to separate the pin from the serial number and print them out. We are giving it out for just N15,000 Naira for the first 100 interested traders/ retailers. By the end of the month, we might stop the program or increase the price of the package. So make no delay, don’t miss this opportunity. Make payment by direct transfer into the account details below or pay with your ATM card online through a secured payment gateway.

Make payment by direct transfer into the account details below or pay with your ATM card online through a secured payment gateway.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2000745819

ACCT NAME: Kay-Precious Nig. Ltd

BANK: First Bank PLC

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1015184020

ACCT NAME: Kay-Precious Nig.Ltd



  • Send your Name and Business Name by SMS or WhatsApp message to: 07057907838
  • Come to our office( Address below) with your proof of payment and your computer (Laptop or CPU only ) for us to install the software into your system and take you through the process of installing the software and printing and marketing of the vouchers.


When you pay the 15k fee you will get the following:

  • Training Manual (A unique guide on the step by step and operations of the business.
  • Link up with the Dealers of the Communications Network where you will be buying your
    electronic pins(stock) from.
  • Software- We will install the software on your system.
  • You will discover how to sell Recharge card using your mobile phone.
  • Support and guidance into your business success
  • You will also Discover how to sell with your Mobile phone,which is selling of VTU, the links to the legitimate websites where you will fund your wallet is also in the package.

When you are set to commence the business, this certificate will make the dealers to recognize you as we have an understanding with them.


LOCATION: No 25 Agboyi Road, Orioke Ogudu. Lagos.

TELEPHONE: 07057907838   EMAIL:

FACEBOOK: kaypreciousltd   INSTAGRAM: kaypreciousltd